Your clients have many options for charitable giving, but giving through the Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas offers them an easy way to support multiple causes with a local partner while enjoying powerful flexibility and maximizing their tax benefits.

Easy giving

The Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas is home to 170 charitable funds. These funds benefit a wide range of charitable causes and organizations. Your clients can donate to one of our pre-existing funds or they can establish a new fund, creating a custom-giving solution that best fits their charitable vision.

For the convenience of your clients, the Community Foundation accepts many different types of property, including:

  • Cash
  • Corporate stock, bonds, and other securities
  • Farmland or other real estate
  • Retirement accounts
  • Life insurance policies

And, in contrast to your clients’ experience if they established a private foundation, CFSEK handles all the paperwork and overhead involved in managing our charitable funds.

A local partner

CFSEK is a local organization with deep ties to the communities we serve. Our board and staff are all local residents, and we routinely work with dozens of local nonprofit organizations. We understand the needs of Southeast Kansas communities, whether or not those needs are currently being addressed by existing programs.

Powerful flexibility

Gifts to the Community Foundation can be of many different types and sizes. From small cash donations to major testamentary gifts and everything in between, CFSEK makes it easy for Southeast Kansas residents to become the best charitable givers they can be.

And if one of your clients chooses to establish a new fund with CFSEK, he or she will be able to name it, define what causes or charities it should benefit, pick an investment strategy, and even select an investment professional to manage the fund’s investments. (Learn more about customization options when establishing a fund.)

Maximum tax benefits

Because CFSEK is a public charity, your clients’ donations to one of our funds–including a new fund that they establish with us–qualifies for maximum tax benefits under federal law.

Learn more about CFSEK

To learn more about how CFSEK can help your clients reach their charitable goals, contact us today!