Giving Circles

A giving circle is a group of volunteers who raise, pool, and grant money together. Members often meet and eat; they chat and laugh; they choose a wrong to right. They pool their resources and make a plan to be a force for good in their local area. People join giving circles to magnify the power of their charitable giving and become part of a community of givers.

The Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas is home to three giving circles, the Future Fund Giving Circle and two that are part of the Rita J. Bicknell Women’s Health Fund.

Rita J. Bicknell Women’s Health Fund Giving Circles

The Rita J. Bicknell Women’s Health Fund’s mission is to “improve the health and well-being of women by supporting education, increasing awareness and sharing quality of life opportunities to benefit all women.” Its two giving circles, the Women’s Giving Circle and the Circle of Friends, provide grants to local nonprofit organizations, schools, and religious and governmental institutions.

Future Fund Giving Circle

The Future Fund Giving Circle provides charitable grants to eligible organizations in Crawford County, Kansas. Members’ contributions are building an endowed fund that will continue to impact local communities for generations.