Agency Funds

Our grant cycles are just one of the many ways in which the Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas supports local nonprofits, churches, schools, and government agencies. Eligible organizations can also establish an agency fund at CFSEK to accept donations and invest their money for their own future use.

Agency fund benefits

Establishing an agency fund with the Foundation offers multiple advantages for local organizations, including:

  • Flexibility. Agency funds can be endowed, distributing only income, or non-endowed, able to distribute income and principal. The fund can accept donations from donors via lifetime gifts or under an estate plan. And the establishing agency can choose how its fund should be invested.
  • Professional service. CFSEK’s staff handles deposits, grant checks, tax receipts, and thank-you letters. Investments are managed by investment professionals hired by the Community Foundation.
  • Experience. CFSEK has been helping local donors and nonprofits since 2001.
  • Community promotion. CFSEK is plugged in with local donors, and we connect them to the causes they care about. We also provide visibility for agency funds by promoting them in our newsletter, at annual events, on our website, and in other marketing materials. Plus, endowed agency funds are eligible to participate in Match Day.
  • Credibility. As an independent third party administering your organization’s funds, we provide credibility to donors that their gifts will be used as intended.
  • Low cost. For agency funds with balances up to $500,000, our annual administrative fee is only 1% of the fund balance or a minimum of $250.

Current agency funds

CFSEK is currently home to several dozen agency funds. The organizations that established these funds recognized the real benefits provided by doing so.

Organizations with CFSEK agency funds include:

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Crawford County Historical Museum
  • Family Resource Center
  • Girard Public Library
  • J.L. Hutchinson League
  • Mount Carmel Foundation
  • Pittsburg State University Foundation
  • SEK Humane Society
  • Southeast USD 247 Foundation
  • United Way of Southwest Missouri and SEK

Contact us to learn more

If you’re interested in establishing an agency fund for your nonprofit with the Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas, or if you’d like more information about doing so, contact us today!