Support Local Journalism Project Fund

Staying informed with trusted, fact-based news is more important than ever. The bad news is that the nationwide decline in local journalism impacts us in Southeast Kansas. The decline in advertising and subscription dollars does not cover news-gathering costs. The Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas is proud to sponsor the Support Local Journalism Project, a nonpartisan philanthropic initiative that provides quality local news that brings about healthy, informed, and thriving communities.

Introducing the Support Local Journalism Project

This new collaboration between the Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas, Pittsburg State University, and The Morning Sun will allow donations to help financially support efforts to bring you the “Local Life” news (sports, arts, and culture events; local business news; and government and school-board happenings), while also providing opportunities for PSU students in degree programs such as English, Communication, Multimedia Journalism, Graphic Design, and Business to be involved in every step of newspaper reporting.

Donate Now to Support Local Journalism!

Your donation will help directly fund the local news and investigative reporting series identified by the Support Local Journalism Project.

Your support of this project ensures that local news and journalism will always have a place in Southeast Kansas!