Grant Publicity Instructions

Part of your grant agreement is that you share the good news about your grant award and recognize that funding was provided from a donor fund through the Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas (CFSEK). The following are key elements for your use when preparing publicity about your grant:

  1. Hold publicity until CFSEK has announced the grant awards (social media or website).
  2. Acknowledge the grant opportunity donor and Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas in all forms of publicity, including newsletters, publications, newspaper articles, website, social media, etc. You can include links to our website,
  3. Use the following paragraph when describing the Foundation:
    • “The Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas hosts individual charitable funds created by donors who have a passion for giving back to their community. Grants from these funds assist people throughout Southeast Kansas and beyond. Call the Foundation at 620-231-8897 with questions about the Community Foundation.”
  4. Visit our nonprofits page for donor-fund-specific information.
  5. Include the donor’s and Foundation’s logos when possible. You can download a copy of the logos using this SharePoint link.
    • Don’t crowd these logos when you use them. Don’t change their colors or apply filters to them. Don’t superimpose text, images, or other logos on top of them. Finally, don’t change the aspect ratio of any of these logos by stretching them in only one dimension.
  6. Upload photos with your grant report as requested. The online grant report requires one project photo and one publicity example to be uploaded.
  7. Please follow CFSEK’s social-media accounts: @sekcf on Facebook and @cfsek on Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
  8. Attend the annual CFSEK Grant Celebration. We’ll send you an invitation in the fall. If you received a GBL Foundation grant, attend the GBL annual event.
  9. We may request additional visits, presentations, or publicity content throughout the year.