A new bed for a new beginning

Safehouse Crisis Center has provided services to victims fleeing domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and human trafficking in our Southeast Kansas communities since 1979. Beyond outreach advocacy and crisis intervention, Safehouse provides refuge for victims within their emergency shelter. All services are free of charge to the victims needing assistance.

The beautiful 70-bed shelter facility welcomes women, men, and their children, providing day-to-day support, advocacy, & validation. Safehouse staff members pour their hearts into their work helping their clients rebuild their lives on their terms, free of violence.

A common goal for the clients residing in shelter is to find their own secure and safe housing. Although the survivors are apprehensive about moving into their own home, they are full of excitement knowing they are beginning their next chapter.

We had the pleasure of meeting with Safehouse Executive Director Brooke Powell. It was obvious that Brooke is very invested in helping women and families in our community. She recognized the need of clients for furniture to furnish their new home when leaving shelter. Victims often leave all their belongings behind when escaping their abusive situation. They are also faced with the risk that their belongings will be destroyed as the cost of their safety.

Unfortunately, furniture donations to Safehouse had decreased throughout the last couple of years. Staff were relying heavily on finding resources to help find new or used mattresses for the clients in need. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to apply for the Rita J. Bicknell Women’s Health Fund Circle of Friends Giving Circle grant.

Having received its grant, Safehouse is now able to give its clients “A New Bed for a New Beginning.” This will impact women within the community in such a tremendous way, not just physically but mentally. So far, this project has provided a new queen-size mattress, platform bed frame, and pillows to three women leaving shelter and moving into their new home. Clients have shed tears of joy and shared words of appreciation for the gifts.