Grant Recipients Receive Funding for At-Risk Youth Projects from the Elm Acres Foundation

Grantmaking is a large part of carrying out the mission of the Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas (CFSEK), and it has been since its establishment in 2001. Currently, CFSEK’s Grant Program provides six grant opportunities annually.

One of those grant processes is funded by the Elm Acres Foundation Endowment Fund. The purpose of the Elm Acres Foundation, Inc. is to provide “support for at-risk youth in the Southeast Kansas community (Crawford, Cherokee, and Labette counties), including supporting any entities that provide services for at-risk youth.”

The Elm Acres Foundation began their grantmaking through CFSEK in 2017 and has awarded over $121,000 to 46 nonprofit organizations in Cherokee, Crawford, and Labette counties. The 2022 Elm Acres Foundation grant awards went to the following seven local organizations for at-risk youth projects, totaling $24,158 this year alone:

The Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas is pleased to be the host agency for this fund and is proud to assist them in the granting of awards on an annual basis.

On behalf of the Elm Acres Foundation, CFSEK congratulates the 2022 grant recipients and thanks them for their work with at-risk youth. If you have an interest in establishing a grantmaking fund, please contact CFSEK.

Last updated August 3, 2022