First 100 Day Reflection

Reflecting on my first 100 days as the Executive Director of the Community Foundation, it has been a fast and furious few months! When I began my new position I drafted a 100 day plan for myself anticipating a need for a learning curve while learning all aspects of the job. I have experienced and checked off most on my initial list, although acknowledging there is still much to learn.

My first impression of the work of the Foundation is how needed and valuable it is to our community. The agencies and projects that are funded through the grant awards support and give opportunities to many individuals. I have spent time getting to know the agencies and the services they provide to people in our community. I am very impressed with the worthy projects and work done by the agencies.

In my first few months on the job, I have met generous donors who make the grants possible. Their charitable giving and belief in social investing for the improvement of their community is the reason the Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas is here and can offer assistance to agencies.

Another initial observation is the dedication of the Board of Trustees. They give countless hours and work to fulfill the mission of the Community Foundation. Their desire is to be a part of helping make our community stronger and a better place for all to live. We are so fortunate to have such caring individuals willing to volunteer and serve their community in this way.

The staff are incredible! Office Administrator, Marlene Braker welcomed myself and recently hired Program Coordinator, Sherri Stephens and has helped us learn and transition into our positions. Both ladies are outstanding at their jobs! They are competent, enthusiastic and committed to their work.

We are a team… the Board, staff, donors and agencies and the success and betterment of our community depends on all of us! It is a privilege to work for the Community Foundation and I look forward to working on future goals of our charitable organization. Stay tuned….as we accomplish these goals, there will be more “good news” to come!