Leave a Legacy

 Plan a Gift for the Future and Leave a Lasting Legacy


Many have a desire to give back, to preserve the kind of life they have had and the things they have enjoyed. With a little planning, you can create a lasting legacy that will impact your community and future generations. A planned gift through your estate will continue to grow and give to your community …. Forever!

Consider what is important to you …… the church where you worship, the schools your children attended, the park where your grandchildren play or a local charity that you care about.  You can ensure that the things that make your community a great place to live, continue even beyond your lifetime.

The Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas Legacy Society consists of generous individuals who have made a planned gift through their estates. While personal and family obligations should always come first, a Legacy Society contribution assures the donor that their contributions will make an impact well into the future. Deferred gifts may be set up to go into any existing fund of the Foundation or you may choose to establish a fund to benefit the charity of your choice.

Legacy giving only requires a thoughtful intention to make a difference by identifying a charitable organization through a bequest in your will, trust or estate plan. You can designate a specific amount of money, a percentage of your estate or specific assets such as stock, real or personal property. Another way to leave a legacy gift is designating the Community Foundation as the beneficiary or co-beneficiary of retirement plans or life insurance policies. We encourage donors to talk to their attorney, financial planner and/or certified public accountant to determine which kind of planned gift works best for their financial situation and tax benefit.

Imagine the good that could be done if each one of us remembered a favorite charity or cause in our will or estate plan. Help us make our Southeast Kansas communities a better place to live. Consider leaving a legacy gift through the Community Foundation. For more information contact us at 620-231-8897.