Match Day 2016 A Success

Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas raises $71,883 on Match Day in support of 20 local organizations

On November 29th, the Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas hosted its first ever Match Day. The purpose of the event was to celebrate giving back to the community on “Giving Tuesday,” the day proclaimed for giving. The results were even greater than anticipated!

Over 200 contributions were received totaling $71,883. 20 local organizations benefited by increasing their endowed funds, which will generate present and future income annually to address community needs. The Community Foundation distributed an additional $20,000 proportionately to the organizations, for a grand total of $91,883.

Two organization directors shared their thoughts on the giving to their endowed funds. Bev Clarkson, Pittsburg Public Library director, stated in a message to the Community Foundation: “The Match Day was an inspired idea and a tremendous success. We appreciate all the good works that the Community Foundation does for the library and our community.”

Additionally, Angels Among Us Director Diana Polston shared the following: “I would like to thank our friends and family who were so generous in making donations for Match Day! We will be able to help so many cancer patients with financial needs, and this reaffirms what great friends and what a supportive and loving community we have in Pittsburg, KS. Thank you to everyone who donated not only to Angels, but to all of the agencies who received donations!”

“These results reflect highly of our community and how compassionately people care about the wonderful work of our local nonprofit organizations. We are thrilled with the results and grateful to all who supported and contributed to our Match Day organizations. The success of this event is a tribute to the generosity of people in Southeast Kansas,” stated Community Foundation Director Kit Parks.

Last updated Dec. 7, 2021