Think about what matters to you …

The church where you worship.

The schools your children attend.

The park where your grandchildren love to play.

A local charity you care deeply about.

The music and art that means so much.

How can you ensure that the things that make your community unique continue long after you’re gone?

We know that the impact of the transfer of wealth in our state could leave a big hole in many communities, directly affecting their very existence. In the four-county area of Crawford, Cherokee, Bourbon, and Labette Counties, roughly $3 billion is projected to leave the area between 2010 and 2019.

Families can secure their legacy and ensure funds are available to keep their hometown’s quality of life intact by establishing a fund with the Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas. Grants from funds planned for the future can sustain agency projects, schools, and churches for many years to come by keeping 5 in Kansas–meaning, if a total of 5% of Kansas estates can be earmarked for Community Foundation funds, Kansas communities will have a better opportunity for continuing success.

I invite you for a conversation regarding your business or family’s legacy. Learn how you can partner with the Community Foundation and your professional advisors to preserve what you value most about this community. Contact the Community Foundation today!

Last updated April 6, 2022