Welcome to the new and improved southeastkansas.org!

When you came to the website today, you might have noticed that things look a little different. We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes to create an updated, modern, user-friendly replacement for the old SoutheastKansas.org. The old website served us well for more than seven years, but it was beginning to show its age. This new version is easier for us to keep up to date, and we hope it’s easier for you to use, too.

New features

  • Multi-fund donations. Take a gander at our Donate page. You can now select and donate to multiple funds in a single transaction!
  • Built-in contact form. Our Contact Us page has been upgraded to let you message a specific member of staff if you know who you’re trying to contact.
  • Announcements. The front page now has an Announcements section. Whenever there’s an announcement, you’ll see a golden bell icon on the header image.
  • Newsletters archive. You can now read all of our newsletters going back to the very first one right here on our website.
  • Annual reports archive. We’ve also uploaded all our annual reports since 2001 to the website!
  • Mobile-friendly. The old website didn’t adjust its layout for mobile phones, meaning text either appeared very small or, if you zoomed in, spilled over the right side of the page, forcing you to scroll right and left to read anything. This new one automatically changes its layout for mobile devices, so you can more easily access and read it on the go!
  • Dropdown menus. As part of our effort to make southeastkansas.org more mobile-friendly, we’ve changed how the main menu at the top of the screen works. Rather than activating a drop-down menu when you hover over a menu item, now you activate it by clicking (or tapping) the arrow to the right of a menu item.
  • Blog excerpts. On our old website, the full text of every recent blog post was included on the main blog page. That made it hard to scroll through and find the post you were looking for. Now, the main page only includes an excerpt of each post. You can click the “Continue reading” link to see the full version of any post.

Help us help you!

Because this upgraded website is so new, you might run into some problems when using it. If you come across a missing page or encounter some other error, please send Joshua McCloud a message to let us know about it! We’ll look into the problem and figure out a solution so it doesn’t happen again.

Please note that this new website probably won’t look very good if you’re still using Microsoft’s old Web browser, Internet Explorer. If you are, we suggest upgrading to a modern browser, such as Microsoft Edge (built into Windows 10), Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.

Last updated April 4, 2022